Words – The most important insight I have had is that the words people use have different meanings to themselves and others.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to communicate if there is no clear understanding of the words that are being used.  

The duality of the law – In the Constitutional context, there is Legislative Law and Judicial Law, both which are enforced by the Executive Power.

There is the One Supreme Court as a branch of the constitution and another supreme court created by the legislature also known as the Department of Justice. 

Knowledge –  of the law is gained through logic and reason and by using critical thinking an agreement can be made , even if one agrees to disagree. 

An argument should make sense, even if you don’t agree with it.

Sovereignty – I have found that sovereignty is more about how one defends against a prosecution of a case, then the status of a defendant relying on a statement of what or who he is.

The government as an opposition in court, generally speaking can never proceed initially in the proper manner, however it is presumed that they have done “everything” correctly and in the proper manner.  

It is important to know that “all presumptions of law are rebuttable.”

If one doesn’t take action to rebut a presumption, the presumption will be acted upon as if true.