About Zeke Layman

I have about 40 years experience in and out of the courts starting with the right to travel, property and income taxes, wrongful arrest, land title, family law, and other related issues. The experience I gained was both with issues I dealt with personally as well as helping others.  I gained an enormous amount of experience and knowledge firsthand by many court appearances as well as dealings with different agencies of the government.  I learned to do research, analysis, writing briefs and filling out the many different forms.

When we first started, my parents and I, who were my mentors, supporters, and co-workers, operated on the theory that we had to get rid of all ties and connections to the state and federal governments in order to be “sovereign” and gain freedom, so we voided all “contracts” such as social security, drivers licenses, registrations, birth certificates, citizenship, etc.    A few years after this I realized this is all backwards!  Everyone is born with the  proper status and we don’t need to make any “declarations” of our sovereignty, or change anything. We already have it!

Since then, I have been involved in more than a thousand cases and have discovered some major epiphanies that I want to share with you all.

1) Sovereignty is mostly not about YOU and who you are, it is about stopping the government from prosecuting you for non-criminal activity! Who are “they” and how are “they” prosecuting?

2) The government can never do it right (due process), however they are always PRESUMED to have done it right.

3) If you fail to object (properly) you agree.  This is why your silence is taken as consent and shows why the fourth amendment is not self activating.

4) Our currency is not fiat, it’s fraud.

5) There are two supreme courts.

6)  Words and meanings – law – generalities and specifics.

7)  How to think logically about law, process and procedures, and the steps one must make in restoring our freedoms. Above all else, we need to be flexible in this process!

Everyone needs a host of supporters to achieve anything in life. This is especially true when we find ourselves involved in a case before the courts!

I can be that support for you by offering the following:

1. Educating through the articles and videos on this website.
2. Classes on specific topics offered through Zoom (download Zoom @ Zoom Conferencing Signup)
3. Email requests to answer specific questions concerning your case. Please list your telephone in your email if you are requesting a follow up telephone call.
4. Follow up telephone call(s). 1st call is limited to 15 minutes. Have your questions well thought out beforehand. There may be a charge for additional consultation.